Tuesday, August 14, 2007

IFC can refer to:
Interfraternity Council
Industry Foundation Classes object-oriented file format (IFC)
Internet Foundation Classes, a now defunct graphics library for Java originally developed by Netscape Communications Corporation
International Finance Corporation
Independent Film Channel, more popularly known as IFC, is an American cable channel and a Canadian version Independent Film Channel (Canada).
Intelligent Flight Control (IFC or IFCS), see Aircraft flight control systems
International Finance Centre, a building complex in Hong Kong
Interfraternity Council (IFC or NIC), see North-American Interfraternity Conference
The International Freedom Center, a proposed museum for the World Trade Center site in New York City
Internet Connection Firewall, the Firewall in Windows XP, now called Windows Firewall
International Fighting Championships, an American promoter of mixed martial arts fights.
Iowa Film Critics, an organisation of film reviewers.
International Fire Code
Integrated Fluid Circuits