Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The secretariat of the European Parliament is the administrative body of the European Parliament headed by a Secretary-General. It is based in the Kirchberg district of Luxembourg and around the Gare du Luxembourg in Brussels and employs 4000 officials.

The Parliament's legal services advises members and bodies on matters of European law, helping in drafting of legislation and representing the Parliament in Courts.

Legal Service

The Directorate-General for the Presidency organises plenary sittings and for follow-up activities including protocol, mail, register, archives, IT and security. [2]

Internal Policies
The Directorate-General for External Policies (DG EXPO) deals with assisting the work of Parliament's delegations, committees and their chairmen as well as coordinating relations and cooperation with the other institutions, national parliaments ands foreign bodies. [4]

External Policies
The Directorate-General for Information (DG INFO) deals with public information and media. It maintains a network of public information offices across member states and a library and documentation service for MEPs. [5]

The Directorate-General for Personnel deals with the human resources of the other DGs, including giving staff access to vocational training.

The Directorate-General for Infrastructure and Interpretation manages the buildings of the European Parliament and its member-state offices, equipment and services and arranging for interpretation cover of plenary sittings and other meetings.

Infrastructure and Interpretation
The Directorate-General for Translation and Publishing is responsible for written translation of the Parliament's documents. Its publishing arm deals with the publication of parliamentary material such as working documents and the official journal. It also manages the Europarl website. (See also: Office for Official Publications)

Secretariat of the European Parliament Finance

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