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HMS Titanic
The RMS Titanic, a British Olympic-class ocean liner, became famous as the largest ocean liner built in her day and also for sinking on her maiden voyage in 1912 with a huge loss of life.

Coordinates: 41.725556° N 49.946944° W
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Barbara Dainton (née West) (May 24, 1911October 16, 2007)
Lillian Asplund (October 21, 1906May 6, 2006)
Winnifred Vera van Tongerloo (née Quick) (January 23, 1904July 6, 2002)
Michel Marcel Navratil (June 12, 1908April 18, 2001)
Eleanor Ileen Shuman (née Johnson) (August 23, 1910March 9, 1998)
Louise Laroche (July 2, 1910January 28, 1998)
Edith Eileen Haisman (née Brown) (October 27, 1896January 20, 1997)
Eva Miriam Hart (January 31, 1905February 14, 1996)
Beatrice Irene Sandström (August 9, 1910September 3, 1995)
Ruth Elizabeth Becker (October 28, 1899July 6, 1990)
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The US 1910 wireless ship act
Global Maritime Distress Safety System
SS Suevic, an earlier White Star liner involved in a collision in the fog, where the integrity of watertight compartments was key in saving the ship.
David Blair (naval officer)
SS Nomadic
SS Mount Temple
RMS Caronia
RMS Carpathia
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