Monday, March 3, 2008

Siege of Fort Texas
The Siege of Fort Texas marked the beginning of active campaigning by the armies of the United States and Mexico during the Mexican-American War. The battle is sometimes called The Siege of Fort Brown, but this is not entirely accurate — the name Fort Brown was taken from Major Jacob Brown (not to be confused with War of 1812 hero Jacob Brown) who was one of the two Americans killed during the bombardment.

On May 3, Mexican artillery based in Matamoros began a week-long bombardment of Fort Texas. Garrison: Major Brown ( 7th Infantry, Capt. Loud's Artillery Co.(4-18 punders) and Lt. Bragg's Light Artillery ( 4 guns). While only two Americans were killed during the attack, the artillery barrage and the arrival of significant Mexican forces preventing reinforcement of the fortress placed the installation under great peril.
General Zachary Taylor came to the aid of the fort's defenders, which resulted in the Mexican General Mariano Arista ordering his troops to position on the nearby plains of Palo Alto, thereby lifting the siege. The Battle of Palo Alto soon followed.